Delivery of centrifugal pump for oil drilling solids control

Centrifugal pump for oil drilling solids control is mainly the horizontal one. It can be used as desander, desilter feeding pump. On the trip tank, centrifugal pump will be used as trip pump for well head.

Centrifugal pumps to be delivered

There are totally over 10 sets of centrifugal pump to be delivered. This order is initial order for a new customer. All pumps will be used in oilfield solids control system. Including desander pump, desilter pump, mud mixing pump for hopper, trip pump and a super charge pump

Besides this order, they are gonna place a new order on same pumps. The functions and use are also similar. Nowadays, oil price is increasing gradually. More and more supplement equipment at oilfield are in the demand. We know the centrifugal pumps will be always operated as transferring equipment. They will supply necessary pressure and power to the flows.
Delivery of centrifugal pump for oil drilling solids control

Features of Aipu centrifugal pump

All centrifugal pumps of Aipu solids control are high quality. Our pumps are mechanical sealed. The pumps are durable and reliable enough. Pumps' performance and quality have been verified by many many clients at practical job sit all over the globe

No matter the working condition is hot or cold temperature. No matter you need the horizontal or vertical pump. No matter you need direct or belt connection between motor and pump. No matter you need pump to feed fluid or as mixing pump. The pumps will give you great performance at lower cost. Furthermore, pleased to tell Aipu centrifugal pump is interchangeable with Mission Magnum®️ pump. Aipu pumps are rather popular all around the world. Since the stable performance and reliable quality, we've exported pumps to many regions. Such as Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, Russia, Germany, UK, USA, and so on

Centrifugal pump package

This lot of centrifugal pump will be delivered by air. To save more cost for our customer, we'll pack the pumps as lighter as possible. But of course will be based on durable and safe. So the pumps will be packed with steel frame and the steel sheet. If we pack the pumps by original wood the weight will be totally about 10000kg. Now, all the pumps weight about 7000kg.

Clients are very happy for our complete solution. Including pump quality, pump price, manufacture time, and so on. Just yesterday, customer despatched their engineer for final test and inspection on pumps. After submitting test report, they were very pleased and told us the new order will be placed in 1 week.

For centrifugal pump package, it is a customization service for client. You can select wood, plywood, iron or framed box. Any type of package provided will ensure safety and good protection.

Please tell us any of your demand or special requirements. The high quality product and circumspect service will be assured always.