NJQ80 mud guns for oilfield mud tank

Mud gun for oilfield mud tanks were finished last week. Totally 20 sets of NJQ80 mud gun, including 3 different dimension in length

Mud gun specification

Mud guns are the auxiliary equipment in drilling mud system. It is usually operated together with mud agitator. According to installation way, there is bottom type, spinner type and non-spinner type. This client ordered the spinner type. For different working condition, mud gun will be configured as high pressure or low pressure.

Mud gun to be delivered is normal pressure one. These mud guns are single nozzle with 360° rotation swivel. For users' convenient operation, the mud guns were adopted handle. Actually, the mud guns can be configured with 3 nozzles
mud gun

It is more suitable for tanks where utmost in constant agitation is desired. So consider clients' working condition we proposed such design for them. We know, the mud gun should be about 4-6" off the tank bottom.As per mud tank dimension, we supplied mud guns longs 1.9m, 1.7m, 2.0m. 

Oilfield mud gun

Aipu solids control supplied over 150 sets of mud gun this year. All of clients are satisfied with our products. Including appearance, quality, after-sales service and so on. Among these mud guns, popular ones are pivot type and bottom type

They appreciate Aipu mud guns since convenient operation, easy maintenance, competitive price and so on. Our clients are drilling contractors, oilfield service company, the trading company, etcetera. So proud to say our customers are happy with all of our mud guns

In oilfield, mud gun provide agitation and mixing service in mud tank. Play similar role as agitator. Assist agitators to mix drilling fluid throughly. 

Aipu mud guns package

Package of mud guns should be durable enough but not too heavy. We need to take convenient handling in consideration. Reasonable weight will prevent damage during transportation or lifting. There are different packages. Including steel framed box, plywood box, steel frame with plywood sheet surrounded. 

This lot of mud guns will be packed in steel frame with plywood sheet. This will protect goods well with lighter weight. If clients have other requirements we are happy to satisfy them.