High quality drilling mud agitators with control panel

Drilling mud agitators with control panel will be exported to Middle East. The client ordered 20 sets of mud agitator. This lot of agitator will be used in oil well drilling mud system

High quality mud agitator features

High quality mud agitator should be durable enough with large torque. Agitators should be adaptable for material to be mixed. For example, the motor power is sufficient, the gear box is high torque. Impeller and shaft are suitable for liquid volume or tank size. Connection should be water tight for safe operation. 

Mud agitator assembly should be durable enough for certain fluids. Such as the brine water, the corrosive liquid or chemicals will request stainless steel material.
Drilling mud agitators
These agitators to be delivered were configured for mud tank deeps 2.3m, 2.4m wides 2.3m.  Agitators are driven by explosion proof motors with 10HP, 15HP power. The reduction boxes are helical bevel gear box. Such gear box will provide larger torque and higher efficiency

Control panel for delivered agitators

Control panel for delivered mud agitators are all explosion proof as well. Consider working condition in ME is high temperature we put an awning. The IP grade is IP68. Control panel is mounted on agitator pedestal for convenient operation.

As working condition is hazardous, all components in control cabinet are SIEMENS and Schneider brand. Such configuration will give us more insurance and reliability. Control panels for mud agitator are very compact with small foot print. 

Clients comments on Aipu mud agitator with control panel

We ever supplied 20 sets mud agitator with control panel to American user. They were very happy with our product quality and service. So long time, there is no complaint. This user is our new customer. After they inspecting agitators they are very pleased. And the repeat order will be placed in 2 week.

They are satisfied with all agitators, control cabinet, complete service and solutions. Pleased to hear clients' appreciation. Aipu will insist on supplying best products to all users.