Used NOV VSM300 shale shaker for sale

Used VSM300 shale shakers were ever for offshore well drilling. One of our clients requested us to help sell them.

Used VSM300 shale shaker information

Now they have been dismantled from rig platform. There are totally 5 sets of such shaker. One set of them has been ordered by our client. Discussed shakers are all original NOV Brandt makes. All shakers are in the operation condition. No extra cost or time on the maintenance or repair

Double deck will be fit with 7 panels shaker screen in total. Including 3 panels of scalping screen, 4 panels primary screen. Compared with triple decked VSM300 shaker, the double decked is more practical and economical. Screens for it are pre-tensioned ones

More information?

Please contact Aipu solids control for the video of V300 shaker on tanks. We only need to take it off tank when you place order. It will take little time to handle. BTW, we've uploaded the shaker video on Youtube. Please review it as reference or contact us freely

How to order used V300 shale shaker?

Tell us how many do you need. Where do you need we to ship it? Or we just need to quote EXW price? For our regular clients, price will be rather competitive. For new clients, price will be higher. But we promise you the economical and cost-efficient shaker

Against your inquiry, we'll send best offer to you ASAP. If you are satisfied with everything please place oder ASAP.  Many clients showed interest on these shakers. Who order sooner who will get them easier. Shakers will be shipped against your payment. 

If you are not interested in used shale shaker, we'll provide new shaker made by Aipu solids control. Also the high quality shaker screens. Just contact us freely