Congratulations for new order on poor boy degasser

Poor boy degassers are ordered by CNPC in Shaanxi. Different drilling teams but similar drilling condition. Buyers recommend Aipu for each other. They appreciate our competitive price and shorter lead time.

Poor boy degassers information

All these poor boy degassers are vertical one. They are requested to process 300m³ fluid per hour generally. The degassers are APMGS1200 with 1200mm vessel diameter. And the vent line is 8" seamless tube. Overall dimension is 2200x2200x6634mm. Configured with sufficient mud leg and all necessary components, gauge, valve, etc. The customization is they select common carbon steel to fabricate vessel for lower cost.
Congratulations for new order on poor boy degasser

Furthermore, users prefer complete package for their convenient operation. So, we supply 50m vent line mounted with flanges. The flare ignition device is the standard configuration as well. Usually, the poor boy will be set ahead of shale shaker and connected with ignitor. We know the gas separated out is danger. To leave a safe working condition, burning it out is an insurance. All degassers will be finished in 20 days gradually.

Why select Aipu than others?

Aipu solids control is professional manufacturer on solids control. Poor boy degassers are popular item of Aipu. They focus on our professional proposal, experienced manufacture. Then they compared with other suppliers on price, general cost, also the lead time.

We are committed to provide optimal solution at reasonable cost. To serve clients satisfied and save their cost is our pleasure. Moreover, we never quote unreasonable price that may sacrifice quality and get order from customer.  Look back on all orders we got, the cost-efficiency, short lead time, repeat orders attract clients most.

Features of Aipu poor boy?

Poor boy degassers of Aipu solids control are very popular. Why? Optimal design, high quality raw material, enough mud seal. Complete solution for all users.

Reliable and durable enough. Options for H2S resistant or common material. Even customization on support let or elevating pedestal. 

Besides mud gas separator, there is also vacuum degasser. As a professional manufacturer, all items will satisfy clients well certainly. Please come to us freely if any doubt.