2 sets solids control equipment delivered to railway station

Solids control equipment delivered to railway station yesterday. There are 2 complete set equipment for oil well drilling. Including shale shaker, degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, as well as centrifugal pumps. This order was placed prior to Spring festival and finished on Feb.9 Clients were very happy with our equipment after visiting our factory. Expressed their appreciation on the whole quality, appearance and lead time. 

Let's find detail on solids control equipment again:

Solids control double decked shaker
solids control equipment - shaker

Solids control desander and desilter
solids control equipment-desander and desilter

Solids control decanter centrifuge
solids control equipment -centrifuge

Solids control equipment delivery
2 sets solids control equipment delivery

This client didn't order mud tank from us as the freight charge is rather high. They planed to fabricate mud tanks at their own yard. All dimension, detail drawing, and spare parts information have been sent to client. Thus they will have not problem during future configuration, operation, maintenance

Aipu is proud to serve clients satisfied and pleased. Please come to us if any demand or interest on solids control equipment, waste management, oil sludge treatment, desanding plant.