New order on ZJ20 oil rig solids control system

ZJ20 oil rig solids control system used to process drilling fluid for oil well drilling deeps 1000-2000m. Complete line equipment included in.

ZJ20 oil rig solids control information

The complete solids control equipment including shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper pump, mud agitators, all necessary pipelines. Now the tanks have been finished. We need to finish and set all equipment on tanks within 5 days

Mud tanks sized 11000x2200x2100mm, shale shaker is the Hunter-MG4 with composite framed screen. Mud cleaners combined with 8 desilter cones and 1 desander cone. Decanter centrifuge if the middle speed one APLW450x842N. 

Pumps including centrifugal pump APSB5x4, submersible pump 100YZ100-30. The mixing hopper pump is SLH150-50. Mud agitators are APMA7.5 with worm and wheel reducer directly connected.

Whole set of explosion proof electrical control system. Lamps included in. All accessory including pipelines, valves, walkway, guardrail, stairs, etcetera.

Executive code of ZJ20 mud system

All design and manufacturer are based on SY/T5612. The certain standard of specific equipment. 《General requirement of equipment used in explosive gas》, 《Shale shaker design code》, 《Hydrocyclone standard》, and so on. 

Also the complete manufacture, inspection, management are conform to API standard. 

Why Aipu solids control?

Why they placed order on ZJ20 oil rig solids control system to Aipu? When the users came to our facility, there were the equipment to be delivered to Russia. From the shale shaker, desander, desilter, to centrifuge and pumps. They were very happy with our equipment quality

Including the appearance, the welding line, the surface painting, the whole construction. Then we negotiated on the price per their budget. After some adjustment on whole system configuration, we came to order. 

The 2 mud system are about to deliver in 10 days. By then we'll upload pictures for your reference. Now if you have demand or interest on solids control please contact us freely. Your earlier inquiry or order will lead better manufacture arrangement