Repeat order on submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump to be delivered is repeat order of our regular clients. Last time they purchased pumps for their customers. This time, they ordered pumps for themselves. They told clients are happy with our submersible slurry pump thus placed repeat orders to Aipu

Based on clients' demand and working condition. This lot slurry pump are 100YZ100-40 and they are customized for customer. They are driven by 30KW explosion proof motor. Flow rate is 120m³/h with 40m head. And efficiency is up to 22%. Compared with pump driven by smaller motor, these pump hold larger capacity and higher lift to meet sufficient pressure demand. 

Furthermore, this customer prefer green color than Aipu red color. They always request us to paint green paint oil. Please find below picture for more reference
Submersible slurry pump

Are you interested in submersible slurry pump too? Besides 100YZ100-40, there are also 50YZ20-18, 50YZ25-12, 65YZ50-12, 80YZ80-20A, 100YZ100-30, 150YZ250-40, and so on. The flow rate is from 20m³/h to 320m³/h even more. Motor power is from 3kw to 45kw. These are popular ones used in drilling mud process. If you have special requirement please come here for free quote
Aipu slurry pump delivery

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