Drilling waste management unit delivery

Drilling waste management unit delivered is mini one. Including agitators, shale shaker, mud tank. This order is repeat order from our regular customer. They ever purchased Aipu shale shaker, conveyor and mud agitators. Some clients like naming such system as Zero-discharge mud treatment system. That means, from the beginning or process system to the end there is no mud discharge to ground
Drilling waste management unit delivery

This waste management system is a small part of whole treatment unit. One mini shaker, one horizontal mud agitator, and vertical mud agitator, one ex-plosion proof control panel for whole small unit

Shaker in this waste management system is Hunter-Mini. Linear motion with 60m³/h capacity. Motors are 1kw. The vibration strength is up to 6G with adjustment ranged -1~6°. Overall dimension is compact as 2020x1650x1400mm
Drilling waste management system

Tank size is 3000x2500x700mm, with corrugated steel sheet. Thicks 6mm. Mud agitators are driven by 5.5kw motor. One is lateral another is vertical. Whole system is rather small foot print and compact

Please come to us for more details on waste management or zero-discharge mud treatment unit. Including shaker, screw conveyor, cuttings dryer and so on.