Mud recycling system for HDD project

Mud recycling system for HDD project was finished in 25 days. Now it's ready to deliver. User requested a complete mud system including shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, mud agitators, 2 tanks and auxiliary part. There are many features and benefits on this recycling unit.

HDD mud recycling Shale shaker:

It is hot sales model Hunter-MG series shaker. The screen panel is composite frame screen. And it is interchangeable with latest version Mongoose series Dura Flo screen. It is pluggable panel can be repaired with rubber plugs. Aipu Hunter-MG shale shaker and the screens are highly appreciated by clients

HDD Mud cleaner:

This mud cleaner combined with 6x4“ desilter cones and 1x10” desander cone. The capacity is up to 120m³/h. And bottom shaker screen is steel frame one. Such design combined efficient performance and economical cost. All hydrocyclone are high quality polyurethane ones. Vibration motors are Oli brand.
Mud recycling system

Mud system centrifugal pump:

The pumps are for transfer pump. Feed drilling mud to hydrocyclones from mud tank. They are high quality mechanical sealed pump. The pump are interchangeable with Mission Magnum type. Durable and reliable. Every year, Aipu deliver over 200 sets such pump all over the world. In this system, the model is APSB6X5X11. Powerful and energy-saved

Drilling mud agitator in HDD mud system:

All mud agitators in this HDD mud recycling system are horizontal type with worm and wheel gear box. The feature of such agitator is more economic and easy to repair or maintain. Shaft and impeller are made of high quality national standard carbon steel. Proper design and calculation per specific formula. High efficiency and lower cost
HDD mud system

Mud mixing unit:

Mud mixing unit including centrifugal pump and mixing hopper. The hopper is Venturi type hopper. Wish a T shape educator. It is holding large capacity and sufficient pressure. Thus we'll compound drilling mud very fast and thoroughly. The mixing pump power is 37KW. Mixing rate is about 150m³/h. It is sufficient for this HDD mud recycling unit

Mud tank for HDD system

Mud tanks for this HDD mud system is rectangular one. The complete tank is fabricated by national standard steel sheet thicks 6mm. Tank wall was corrugated for higher strength. And the clean gate designed as swing gate with safety latch, also with a sling chain for convenient open and safe operation
Mud recycling system for HDD

The handrails are with 100mm toe board for personal safety. Handrails, walkway, lamp poles are all foldable for convenient handling and transportation

In general, all such design are for better operation during HDD project. Clients are satisfied with our products. The mud recycling system will be delivered soon. Pleased to say, they will place a repeat order soon when they operate this system.

If you need more information or you are interested in buying such system, please come to Aipu solids control anytime.