H2S resistan degasser delivery to gas field

H2S reistant degasser delivered to oil drilling company. Presently, they are drilling a gas well. H2S resistant degasser is the kick up equipment at the gas field.

This mud gas separator is customized for this client. The model is APMGS1400, the vessel diameter is 1400mm. The thickness of vessel wall is 14mm. And it is manufactured under specific pressured tank code. Certified with pressured equipment qualification

Please find the picture for more reference. One is tank painted with primer, others are the delivery image. Now, the client has received the H2S resistant degasser and placed another repeat order on 2 mud gas separator for common oil well drilling

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H2S resistan degasser
H2S resistant degasser

H2S resistan degasser delivery to gas field
Mud gas separator APMGS1400

H2S resistan degasser delivery to gas field
Delivery of APMGS1400 poor boy

Poor boy degasser repeat order
Repeat order on mud gas separator