Another set mud gas separator and flare ignition device

Mud gas separator is about to deliver along with one flare ignition device. Another set will be delivered in 7 days also. This customer is our regular client. They have placed repeat orders times. They are happy with our quality and product performance

Couples of days ago we delivered one super degasser to them. Now, there are 2 sets flare ignitor under final finish procedure.

This mud gas separator is APMGS1200, holding capacity up to 280~360m³/h. The vent line is 100m as user request. During well drilling, this gas separator will be connected with flare ignitor via vent line. Thus we'll burn all toxic or poisonous gas out. We'll enjoy safe drilling site

Nowadays, more and more drilling company treat safety seriously. Both government and private firm are required to set liquid gas separator and flare ignition device. These two equipment are necessary or absolute solution.

Please find picture for your reference. And if you need more detail kindly contact us freely or visit our product page.
Mud gas separator
APMGS Mud gas separator

flare ignition device
APFI Flare ignitor