Mud skip / cuttings boxes under manufacture

Mud skip for this client will be used at offshore platform. All cabinets will be fabricated according to DNV standard. From the sheet material, welding consumable, paint oil, the lifting lug, total size/dimension, and so on

Aipu got an order on hundreds of mud skips. We are so proud to serve clients by competing with tens of suppliers. Customer finally selected us since our cost-efficiency solution, the short lead time. They came to our facility prior to placing order. They checked the welding quality on all equipment, they were very happy and impressed by our welder great work

Cuttings boxes will be finished in 30 days. Against their receiving and inspection they will place a repeat order on other hundred ones. Aipu will keep you posted on the status and update.

Please find some picture as your reference.
Cuttings container / mud skipper under manufacture

Cuttings container / mud skipper under manufacture
Kindly come to us if you have any demand or interest on cuttings container. Aipu promise you high quality product at reasonable cost.