Dual tandem shale shaker delivered to drilling site

Dual tandem shale shaker delivered to drilling site today. It may arrive there tomorrow afternoon. Pleased to say, this is a repeat order from CNPC subsidiary company. Cater for clients' special demand we designed it with larger screen area but still compact foot print as Hunter-D shaker

User requested dual tandem but wish flexible operation when special working condition provided. So the base for two shaker can be bolted on or disassembled when necessary. Please find some pictures as reference
Dual tandem shale shaker

The shaker is similar as present Hunter-D series shaker. Screen panels for them are hard hook strip one. Screens are fabricated by Aipu latest produce technique. From the surface to working performance.

To achieve the dual tandem shaker function, we provided the mud flow divider. It's a T shape pipeline. From the choke manifold to flow divider, then fluids divided into 2 shaker. If we only need to operate one shaker, we can turn off one inlet port valve or the flashboard
Dual tandem shaker delivery
This dual tandem shale shaker holding capacity up to 280m³/h. And screen area is about 6 m². Large flow rate, large effective filtration area. Better separation and solids removal effect.

Aipu is always proud and happy to serve clients satisfied. Trust your problem will be solved by our optimal solution. Please come to Aipu for any question or interest on dual tandem shaker. Or other solids control equipment?

Dual tandem shale shaker delivered to drilling site