Polyurethane screen panel delivered overseas

Polyurethane screen panel is the shaker screen or vibration screen made of urethane. There are framed type or hook strip type. We today delivered urethane shaker screen overseas for TBM desanding plant.

This user is the contractor of civil construction. Including the HDD, TBM, Piling and so on. Compared to traditional S.S shaker screen, the polyurethane ones are more durable and flexible during operation. Averagely, one urethane screen can be used 6~8 month. 
Polyurethane screen panel

For this customer, we provide the screen with 2mm opening as there are lot of large abrasive solids sized 2mm or larger. Before this order, we ever sent sample to them, they are satisfied and very happy with the quality. If this lot screen work well, they will place another repeat order on 50 panels of such urethane screen with different opening hole
Urethane screen
Please find picture as reference. Such urethane screen, we kindly suggest use them properly. Don't tension it overload, but the tight drawn is necessary. Don't use sharp tool or knife to scratch. Should we regularly check the screen surface and general condition of screen panel. Thus we'll enjoy long service life of screen and the great performance of whole shaker or vibrating screening machine.

Polyurethane screen can be widely used in many industry. Relatively, S.S shaker screen hold shorter operational life, urethane screen panel costs much higher.
Polyurethane screen for sale

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