Last lot mud skips delivered to offshore drilling platform

Mud skips are the cutting boxes for offshore drilling platform. Mainly used to contain drilled cuttings or liquid&solids discharged from solids control equipment. The skips will be located near to solids control system unit for convenient transfer or load on cuttings box.

These years, more and more regulations on environmental-protection indicating drilling waste management and oil sludge treatment. So, cutting boxes are more and more popular for many onshore and offshore rig platform. 

Aipu produced hundred of mud skips for CNOOC. The design, manufacture, and quality control are strictly conform to DNV standard. Clients are rather happy with our product quality. From appearance to the test report. From raw material to the coating.

Kindly find below images as more reference. If you need further detail just call us freely
mud skips delivered to offshore drilling platform

Drilling cuttings skip

Cuttings boxes for offshore drilling