Diesel oil tank delivery with drilling rig

Diesel oil tanks have been finished yesterday. Pleased to share Aipu got order on 8 sets diesel oil tank. Client requested us to transfer the tanks to oil drilling rig manufacturer site-BOMCO. Then they'll ship complete set system to oilfield. Upon their operation on oil tank they will request us to participate in the solids control system tender.

As the drilling site is in rather cold weather, cater for clients' use and feasibility there is heat layer and warm keeping configuration. Including the heat line, the warm material-polyurethane. By checking below image you'll find the surface is not very plain, that is because interlayer with warm keeping material can't be processed flat.
Diesel oil tank
Oil tank

The oil tanks are able to contain 20T fuel oil. There is control panel in a house. When we need to heat oil to prevent from clot. There are pipes between tanks for heat transfer. Furthermore, we know the oil is easy to flame, the material for keeping warm in interlayer are flame-proof polyurethane. This will provide more insurance for safe operation

Fuel tanks base frame are heavy duty constructed. Raw material is high quality national standard steel beam and square tubes. The surface coating are high quality paint oil under national standard code. Surface is the high quality polyurethane top finish pain oil. Trust clients will be rather happy with long service life and durable quality.
Oilfield fuel tank

If you are interested in oil tank or need more detail please contact Aipu solids control freely