20 sets mud agitators delivered to oil drilling site

Mud agitators delivered are the horizontal type. They are configured with helical worm and worm wheel gear box. Pleased to say, this is repeat order from Aipu regular client. They ever ordered poor boy degasser, gas flame, and mud agitators before. Appreciate clients' preference and kind support with repeat order on 20 sets agitator.

As previous tank design and agitators position, clients requested horizontal agitator with the installation base. Such design is heavy duty and easy to install on existing mud system. These agitators are driven by motor powered 15HP. Shafts long about 6ft, and impellers are about 35in.

Today, our clients will receive the equipment. After check and inspection, they'll place order on other equipment. The poor boy degasser, the hydrocyclone desander, and so on

Please find some picture as reference. Come to us if you have demand on such mud agitators
mud agitators delivery

drilling mud agitator

horizontal agitator