Solids control equipment for ZJ50 Oil rig

Solids control equipment for oil rig ZJ50 were just shipped last week. Pleased to say, this is a repeat order from our regular clients. Last year, they ordered 2 sets complete line equipment for oil drilling mud solids control. They are very happy with Aipu product quality and performance. Cater for user's urgency, we finished all items in 3 weeks.
Solids control equipment for ZJ50 Oil rig
The shale shaker for this customer is double decked Hunter-MG4. High quality assembly and the shaker screen panel. Large vibration strength and high flow rate meet user's requirement for operating ZJ50 rig
All other equipment, such as the desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, and vacuum degasser are also completely same as last order. Besides the equipment, they also ordered some necessary wearing parts for this order and previous order
ZJ50 Oil rig solids control equipment
Please find some pictures as reference. Trust user will be rather happy as last time. When this set solids control equipment arrive there, they'll place another order for such a system.
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