Feedback of Aipu solids control equipment

Solids control equipment delivered 2 weeks ago are used as zero discharge drilling fluid system. Including shale shaker, screw conveyor, filter press, mud tanks, agitators, and so on

Drilling company and drilling mud service company are satisfied with our equipment and our service. Against equipment delivery, we despatch related after sales person and technician there for commissioning and installation for whole system

Under drilling company assistance and support, we finished complete system installation in 2 days. The drilled well is about 1600m deep. Considering present strict rules on environmental protection, the zero discharge or pit-less fluid management system are necessary more and more.

The filter press is large power driven and high efficiency with 100m³/h capacity.  There are 3 sets mud agitator on each mud tank. We totally delivered 4 tanks in total. Including reserve tank, shaker tank, and intermediate tank.

Please find some pictures as reference. Come to us for any further question
solids control equipment

Feedback of Aipu solids control equipment

shaker operation