Oil sludge treatment shale shaker with water spray

shale shaker with water spray overview

Oil sludge treatment shale shaker is help to remove large solid in waste sludge. Screen panels on such shaker are usually wedge wire mesh panel. We've delivered 4 sets such shaker for this client in complete system or separately.

This is another repeat order with some new improvement

​Per clients' demand on higher discharge and clean panels we customized the shaker with water line and spray port. They wish the shaker perform more effective. Water wash will help prevent block on screen hole or slot. Please find some picture for your reference.

Oil sludge treatment shale shaker

​Compared to other brand shakers, Aipu shakers hold light weight and better efficiency. The operator-friendly design will provide more convenience on shaker screen replace. Besides the shaker, this customer has ordered agitator, screw conveyors, etc. from Aipu. They are happy with our product quality and our circumspect service. The shaker has arrived at user site trust they'll be rather pleased with new design .

​Are you interested in it too? Or you have partner prefer such design? Please contact Aipu solids control for more detail. Trust you'll get satisfied solution very soon.

shale shaker with water spray details