Price of solids control equipment increases

Price of solids control equipment increases these couples of days. Many clients asked why? Lets find more information below

Solids control equipment are made of steel, S.S and other metal. The processing including welding, mechanism process, and so on. Nowadays, China plays important role on economy globally. We China do international trade from long long ago and now along the "road and silk" policy the international business growing more positive and active. Partner or importers all aware of Chinese products price increases.
Price of solids control equipment

From the iron and steel, and the aluminum to the nickel and brass, etcetera. Let's take mud tank and shale shaker as example. Mud tank is made up by steel sheet profile and steel beam, square tube. Then the metal material-valves, pipelines, also the welding consumable, and so on. All these price increased gradually. So the mud tank price will be much higher than this year beginning.

Shale shaker is a steel structure equipment. Besides the steel shaker body, there are shaker screens made of S.S wire mesh cloth. The raw material stainless steel cost increases per iron and steel price. Thus we will adjust our screen panels price as well.

Furthermore, these days CNY to USD exchange rate decreases much. That means, about 2 month ago USD1=CNY6.78, now USD1=CNY6.54. So, for buyer the equipment price is increasing as well. And per the tendency and analysis from specialist the CNY rate will keep firming.
USD exchange

Aipu always wish provide clients optimal solutions at cost-efficient price. Kindly suggest customers in demand place order earlier for better price and leave more margin for yourself. We'll do the price adjustment per different model equipment with different design and configuration. Furthermore, it will be better if you could pay us in CNY