Mud gas separator and gas flame repeat order delivery

Mud gas separator and gas flame are widely used in petroleum and gas drilling. To ensure a safe drilling condition, as "Kick off" equipment, gas separator and flame are used together to get rid of entrained gas.

Repeat order on 2 sets poor boy degasser and flare ignition device were delivered last week. Pleased to say we've delivered over 60 sets mud gas separator and gas flame this year. Almost are repeat orders. Why clients prefer Aipu degasser? Because the professional design, strict manufacture and inspection per national pressurized vessel code.Degassers delivered were almost certified by national pressure device inspection center.
Mud gas separator and gas flame

Furthermore, according to actual working condition the material is H2S resistant or not. Compared to other manufacturers, Aipu is API compliant manufacturer, reasonable price with high cost-efficiency. Sufficient mud leg ensure better performance and efficiency

The vent line is custom built item. From 50~100m. Usually, we suggest 60m at least. For gas flame, it is set about 60m-100m far away from degasser. Between poor boy and flame there is vent line transfer separated gas from drilling fluid.
Poor boy degasser and flare ignitor repeat order delivery

Now, considering environmental-friendly regulation and the green energy view we Aipu promote solar power flare ignition device. 

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