Aipu solids wish you and loved ones a Happy Mid-Autumn Day

Aipu solids control wish you and loved ones a great Mid-Autumn Day in advance. Wish all our customers, friends, partners enjoy wonderful time with your families
Happy Mid-Autumn Day

Mid-Autumn Day is a famous festival in China. There is a very beautiful legend for this day. And all of Chinese people wish get together with families. And this time is also a fruitful time, all crops, fruits are mature. We enjoy the pleasure of good harvest under previous hard work, we enjoy the happiness of reunion, we cook together, share delicious food and happiness. We treat this day as important as Spring Festival.
Happy Mid-Autumn Day

Every year, we'll enjoy public holidays for Mid-Autumn Day. This year, the Mid-Autumn Day (Oct. 4) follows closely with our National Day (Oct.1). We'll enjoy totally 8-day holidays from Oct.1 to Oct.8. We hereby send our sincere greetings to all our clients, partners, and friends. Wish you a pleasant time at the special occasion. Wish you all enjoy wonderful holiday time with families

At the mean time, we'll arrange all pending manufacture well to make sure no delay for you. Goods will be finished and delivered in time as we agreed. 

For some clients placing order during holidays, we'll give you exact delivery time as well. And achieve it to meet your time frame.
Happy Mid-Autumn Day

Cater for some users' urgency, we also have made some semi-finished equipment well. Such as shale shaker, the poor boy degasser, gas flame, and so on. Upon your order, we'll finish them very soon and deliver to certain place you need.

Please be aware, we'll be off during Oct.1~Oct.8. During this time we may not reply you in time as limit access to email and phone, however, we'll do our best to revert to you at the earliest convenience.

Finally, wish you all a wonderful Mid-Autumn Day with your families. Wish you all have great time for holidays!
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