Solar power gas flame delivered to oilfield

Solar power gas flame delivered to oilfield is repeat order of our regular clients. They have ever purchased over 20 sets gas flame this year. This is first solar power flame they ordered. It will be used to replace previous traditional ignitor.

Gas flame, is also referred to electrical flare ignition device. It is used together with mud gas separator. Solar powered flame is configured with solar panel.We configure solar panel over the control panel on same frame/support. Compared to traditional ignitor, the solar power gas flame is more environment-friendly and energy conservation. It is a advance equipment.

All other operation on gas flame is same as traditional ones. Connecting ignitor with mud gas separator vent line and control ignition via remote control. Please find picture as more reference.

User will receive the gas flame today or tomorrow. Our customer is very happy with our product design, short delivery. Against arrival and testing well, they will place order on more such ignition device. To replace former ones and match for future poor boy degasser too.

Are you interested in such a great solar power gas flame? Please contact Aipu freely.
Solar power gas flame