Potential order on mud recycling system and slurry separation plant

Mud recycling system for HDD rig is more and popular for drilling contractor and rigs manufacturer. Such mud system will help enhance drilling efficiency and save cost on drilling mud, also the disposal cost

On May 7-8 Aipu attended the Trenchless Asia exhibition held by WG. Sincerely appreciate its specialty and hospitality. We got many potential order on mud system and slurry separation plant. 
mud recycling system potential order

Many of them are drilling company and contractor. Almost of the rigs are small one and they prefer our mini mud recycling system since the compact and integrative design. As well as the competitive cost. Our mini mud recycling system including shaker, hdyrocyclone separator, feeding pump, and mud tank. 
mud recycling system and slurry separation plant order

According to the drilling rig extension force, we named the rig model. Such as 150T, 200T, 300T, and so on. We will propose mud system per your rig and working condition. Such as mud flow rate, and the shaker configuration with one or two deck. With the S.S or PU, desilter cone or both desander and desilter

During the show, many clients visited our booth. And talked about their demand. We are proud and pleased to provide them timely and professional solution

Kindly check some pictures of the show as a sharing with you. We look forward to next meeting with all of you.