2 sets of ZJ20 rig solids control system delivered last days

Solids control system delivered are for ZJ20 oil rig. The system including shale shaker, mud cleaner on mini bottom shaker, centrifuge, mud tanks, agitators, centrifugal pumps, all the necessary parts for a mud system

Solids control system configuration

These 2 systems were configured the same with below items:
1. Hunter-MG4 shale shaker
2. Hunter140 mud cleaner
3. APSB5X4 pump
4. APMA7.5 mud agitators
5. APSLH150-40
6. 2 Sets of mud tank sized 9500x2200x2200mm
7. All necessary handrails, walkways, stairs, pipelines, and so on accessories
8. Flow rate is up to 140m³/h. 
 solids control system delivered last days

Mud tanks are designed as typical oilfield 3-runners skid mounted. The corrugated profile enhances tank strength for fluids with density around 2sg. The compartments including shaker compartment with sand trap, the desander and desilter compartment, the centrifuge compartment, mixing and reserve compartment. 

Operation site

The solids control system will be operated in China domestic oilfield. They will be used to process drilling fluids at oil exploration site with about 2000m depth bore and the work over the site. Similar ambient working condition, such as geology condition, weather.

The 2 systems have arrived at the clients' site. They will begin the commissioning and test operation soon. By then we'll get some video and pictures information for more reference. 
2 sets of ZJ20 rig mud system

Items delivered there

All equipment for the whole system has been delivered there. Besides the equipment, we have delivered extra necessary standard hardware for users' convenient installation and commissioning. Furthermore, all user manuals and the test report have been delivered along with goods, too

Some extra cables, the cable trays, and necessary installation tools all have been packed well and delivered there together. Our clients are very happy with our goods appearance, timely delivery, and circumspect services. Now, there are another 4 sets mud system is under manufacture, among which some are repeat orders.

Please feel free to contact us if you have demand or interest in the solids control system. If no system, we can provide you suitable separated equipment, too.