6 sets of solids control system equipment delivery

Solids control system equipment delivered last week were for a new client recommended by a regular user. They placed order on 6 sets mud system equipment without tanks. As they fabricate tanks themselves to save the freight cost

There are vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, mixing pumps and so on items. Please find pictures for your reference. Compared with other suppliers, why they selected us? We quoted the most cost-effective price but not the lowest price. We quoted the shortest lead time. And the result proved clients' choice is absolutely right. There is no delay, and all items are high quality from appearance to the commissioning running performance
solids control degasser

Now the whole system has been operated for some days. They got the appreciation from their customer, too. There are another 2 sets of complete mud system to order. And they are gonna place order on shakers to replace their existing ones.
Solids control shaker

Besides the 6 sets of solids control system, there are 4 mud system are under negotiation with other clients. Including the ZJ30, ZJ50, ZJ70, and ZJ90. Also, there are 2 mud system are under manufacture. One is for ZJ70, the other is for ZJ20.
Mud mixing venturi hopper

We sincerely appreciate clients's support and trust so long time. Trust under mutual efforts we'll enjoy great cooperation on lasting basis

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