VSD Auger feeders delivery

Auger feeders to be delivered are VSD one. Clients preferred variable speed design with the belt driven by motor. The auger feeders are horizontal sized18'' and 36'. Our end user will use the feeders for their drilling mud waste management system.

This lot of auger feeder will be shipped to Malaysia. The operator is an international player in oil and gas industry. Many projects run in Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait and so on. And this order is just a trial order. After running the feeders with good performance they will place repeat order on over 10 sets of such equipment. Similar configuration but diameter and length may vary.

VSD Auger feeders delivery

Please find some picture for your reference. We did the customized service for client. Usually, we just make auger feeder as motor connect gear box directly in horizontal direction. This user prefer the belt driven and the VFD starter.

Some clients prefer the steel grating, while some prefer the GRP grating. The major difference is weight. This client required the GRP grating. The grating cover can help much on safety. People won't be hurt by any accident or urgent problem.

We also have supplied auger feeders with emergency stop by opening the cover or any loose on cover will shut down the feeder.

Do you have interest or demand on auger feeders? We can not only provide the common design equipment, but many special one can be made, too. The screw conveyor diameter can be 10'',11'',12'',13'',14'',16'' and so on. And the length can be designed according to your actual requirement. Such as 9ft, 10ft, 12ft,20ft,36ft, etcetera. 

Just contact us freely. You will get the optimal proposal at AIPU for sure.