500m³ mud plant under final manufacture stage

500m³ mud plant is for user performing project in Middle East. In about past 30 days, the mud plant was being fabricated as planned. Now it's under the assemble stage. During this stage, we'll lay the tanks in order, connect all pipelines, fittings, control panel, cables, and so on. Also, the leakage or hydraulic pressure test will be implemented.
500m³ Mud plant
At the earlier stage of inquiry on this project, our engineers have discussed much details on this mud plant. Based on the requirements and the preference of user, we proposed this high-level customized mud plant system. The plant including 8 mud tanks, all mud agitators fit there, the mixing pump, the necessary pipings, and so on

This mud plant can meet the requirement of fast compounding drilling fluids. This mud plant will be ready in 5 days. Now the supervisors of our customer are at our factory attending the FTA. They are happy with our manufacture efficiency and the quality.

So now, we have got their new order on the degasser and flare ignition system for their another project. Aipu is proud of our efforts and we sincerely appreciate client's trust and preference.  We are professional and experienced manufacturer. If you also have the demand or any inquiry on mud plant and all mud related equipment please feel free to contact us.

AIPU will certainly give you the optimal proposal.