Drilling mud gas separator is ready to deliver

Drilling mud gas separator for oil and gas well drilling is usually set ahead of shale shaker and connected with the choke manifold. It plays an important role to remove the large quantity entrained gas or big bubbles inside drilling fluids.

This ready degasser was for our regular client. They have just purchased one set degasser last November. They are satisfied with its quality and performance during operation. The degassers are delivered to Middle East. According to clients' demand, the degasser were made with pressured vessel certification. 
Drilling mud gas separator
Compared to last degasser and almost degassers delivered, this degasser is designed specially for this user with customized features. But the general specification are same. 

The mud gas separator is 1200mm, with 5'' fluids inlet line, 10'' discharge line, and 8'' vent line. The treating capacity is up to 360m³/h. This set equipment is fit with 4 support legs surrounding degasser vessel at an equal distance. From the vessel middle level to the bottom part. There are totally 6 lifting ears for easy and convenient handling no matter load or unload, no matter horizontal or vertical
Drilling fluids degasser

The gas fluids separator had been tested on NDT, the leakage inspection, the pressure test. All the test were implemented by third party approved by our client. All items are conformed to requirements and executive code. Do you have demand or interest on such gas mud separator, or flare ignition device? Please feel free to contact AIPU solids control.