Double decked dual tandem shale shakers delivery

Dual tandem shale shakers were just delivered yesterday. The shakers were specially designed for the clients. They were introduced by our regular customers who have purchased our shakers. They said our shakers perform very well and get better filtration result than others shaker they used before

The shale shakers are developed from Hunter-MG4 shaker. Difference including deck number and the tandem design. That means, on 1 set dual tandem shaker there are 16 panels of screen in total. Each single set shaker holding 8 panels. Actually, clients request double decks for the better dry discharge. 
Double deck dual tandem shaker
Upper deck will be fit with screen holding coarser opening. Lower deck will be fit with finer ones. Along with the dual tandem shakers, there are flow dividers. It's rather convenient and easy to operate shakers. Controlling flow by switching valves on the divider.

Another special design on such shaker is the control panel. As there are 2 single sets of shaker, considering the convenience on controlling and check shaker, they are fit on 2 sides of dual tandem shakers assembly. Such shakers delivered before were painted in orange color. When client came to our factory found our equipment in cyan are more beautiful then told us their new preference.
AIPU Shale shaker
Please check pictures for your reference. The deck angle is adjustable, too. This client requested screen sized API 140 and API 170 for 2 decks screen. Now the job site is horizontal directional drilling at oil well. Different geology condition requests different screen mesh sizes. Earlier client requested 60 mesh and 100 mesh. 
oilfield tandem shakers

Do you have demand on such shakers, too? We are now manufacturing the other 2 sets of dual tandem shaker and 2 sets of mud cleaner. Please feel free to contact us if you have similar demand or requirement. Trust AIPU will be your ideal supplier providing the optimal solution.