Mud cooling system delivered for CNPC

Mud cooling system delivered is used to cool down the drilling mud for safer working condition. Mud cooling system is also referred as mud cooler. Whey do we need mud cooler?

Mud coolers reduce the temperature of the drilling mud, which results in safer drilling operations and less cost. Besides in oil and gas drilling, mud cooling system can be sued in geothermal drilling. We call it mud cooler, but it also can be used in oil and gas refineries, the petro-chemical, power generation, waste water cooling
Mud cooling system

We know the mud flow back from well head is high temperature. The high temperature will impact the performance and sustainability of further equipment. Such as mud cleaner, pumps, etc. The mud cooler is rather necessary

The system delivered holding capacity 200m³/h at temperature 120℃. The heat exchange defines the maximum temperature of mud flowed into mud cooler. And the mud can be cooled down by 20-30℃ quickly. Kindly suggest use mud coolers for well deeps 3000m or more. Every 100m depth leads 3℃ rise at least. 
Mud cooler

Mud cooling system is set after shale shakers. AIPU mud coolers request less spare parts. There is pressure meter, temperature gauge, the exchanger panel. Another feature is the capacity is flexible to adjust by changing pump and the tank size.

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