Solids control system on repeat order to be delivered

Solids control system to be delivered including mud tank, shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge. This system will be operated overseas. Equipment are hot sales product including Hunter-MG4 shaker and Hunter mud cleaner with Hunter-MG bottom shaker

This is the 4th repeat order from our regular clients. They have purchased 3 sets of system before. All the systems are operated overseas. And the end user is very happy with the system performance and our services.
Solids Control System

Detail of the system

This set of system configured with mud tank sized 40'x6'x6'. Hunter-MG4 shaker mounted 4 panels composite screen, and the mud cleaner consisted of one desander cone, eight desilter cones, the bottom shaker is Hunter-MG, too. 

Another solids control equipment is APGLW450X1000 decanter centrifuge. Besides the solids control equipment, there are auxiliary equipment for mud process. The APMA7.5 mud agitators, mud guns, centrifugal pumps

Other items delivered together

The shaker screens are important spare part for system. So clients ordered screen panels as spare. Furthermore, the spare parts for pumps, agitators, mud guns are to be delivered together. The necessary tank accessories including control panels, electrical system, guard rails, walk ways are included in.

How to order solids control system

You may have demand on solids control system. You may wish get guidance on ordering solids control system. Firstly, we need to know the system flow rate. Then we can determine the equipment and tank capacity or quantity.(How to define the mud system flow rate? According to mud pump flow rate or drilling rig size)
Drilling mud system

Secondly, please check specifications on all equipment you need for a system. Such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, and so on. If you are not professional, please consult a professional engineer or the solids control supplier

Thirdly, compare different proposal from different supplier or manufacturers. Comparing the whole proposal on equipment quantity, on their ability, on the price, on the service or correspondence quality, lead time and so on

Finally, when you confirm the proposal and discuss more with the supplier and manufacturer on technique proposal. Then come to the order conclusion.