Shale shaker screen delivery to oil drilling company overseas

Shale shaker screen delivery just finished last week. This batch of screens are over 2000 panels. While for whole order, this regular client purchased over 8000 panels screen

What is the detail of shaker screen delivery

The shale shaker screens including different types. Such as the replacement composite Hunter-MG screen, the V300 screen, the KC series screen. The mesh size ranged in commonly popular API number. Including API 80, API 100, API 140, API 170, API 200, and so on
Screens on pallet

Screens were packed on pallets as 20 panels per pallet, while one panel per carton. Of course, to protect panels and cartons well outside wrapped with plastic film. Such package help us to check size and count the panels easily. Also, such packages save volume in container to let us have more screens loaded in container.

Delivered shaker screens also including the steel framed one. The screen colors are orange and green. They are highly recognizable

Shipment detail

Ship holding our screens departs on May.13. All screens will arrive at client's site in about 1 month, that means ship may arrive there on Jun.13. There are totally 11 containers departed from Shanghai,China. Hopefully, our clients will get all screens used in 40 days at the most. By then we'll get another order on about 8000 panels screen 

Our customers are very happy with our screen quality and the lead time so they place repeat orders again and again. The screens were not delivered all at once but we delivered them in different batches. The ship departed on May.13 is the sixth batch of 8000 panels screen
Shale shaker screen delivery
The other screens will be delivered in one month. By then, all of screens shipment have been finished.

Screens order

Every year, AIPU deliver around 30000 panels of screen. There are different types and models. Major screens are composite framed panels and then corrugated hook strap type. Composite framed screen is 80% of all delivered panels, while corrugated panel is about 12% and others are 8%.

Clients select AIPU since we are reliable manufacturer and screens tested according to API RP13C with the detail specification and the datas. This will help users to get screen selected easily
Screens in container

Almost screen orders are from regular clients, or they are recommended by our regular clients. We sincerely appreciate our customers' support and trust so long time. AIPU will always provide the best products and solutions to all customers constantly