Solids control system delivered to geology development site

Solids control system is widely used in onshore and offshore O&G exploration, mine industry, geology, also the civil construction or the engineering industry. But we may configure the system with different functions emphasized. This system to geology development site is similar as oil drilling solids control system.

Brief of delivered solids control system 

Configuration of solids control system is based on the exploration condition--deeps about 13130ft. So we propose system as per ZJ40 Rig mud system. 
Solids control system

There are main solids control equipment, shale shaker, degasser, mud cleaner, centrifuge decanter and the mud tanks, the auxiliary mud equipment. Such as mud agitators, mud gun, mud mixing hopper pump, the centrifugal pump. The tanks including the shaker tank, active tank, reserve tank and mixing tank

More details on the system

The tanks overall size are 11500x2200x2300mm. The shale shaker is Hunter-MG4 and the mud cleaner is Hunter 200 customized according to client's practical working condition. Shaker is standard Hunter-MG4 fit with 4 panel screen sized 2.73㎡. Cones including desilter cone 4''x10 and 10''x2 desander cone. The pumps for mud cleaner are APSB6X5. Centrifuge is the APGLW355 fixed speed one.
Solids control shale shaker

Centrifuge feed pump is AP100YZ series driven by 7.5kw motor. The jet mud mixer is consisted of venturi hopper, pump and the base.

All agitators are APMA7.5, besides agitator there are mud guns for mud mixing. The mud guns are APNJQ80-3. Complete line equipment for system were supplied to clients. They are very pleased for the lead time and products quality

Why AIPU Solids control?

This system is repeat order from our regular client. Why they select AIPU times? Based on our lasting cooperation and products supplied to them, client is very satisfied with our products and service quality. They also compared our items to others' and found AIPU equipment is the real cost-effective solution
Solids control degasser for drilling fluids

We have shared in 20 years experience of solids control. At AIPU we have delivered over 200 sets of system these years. There are complete system and some equipment without tanks. However, our clients are all happy with our proposals. And they are willing to recommend more counterparts for us. We are the provider of true solutions. Please come to us if you have any demand on system or separated equipment. You will definitely get the optimal solution at cost-effective rate.
Mud cleaner