Double decked shale shaker and mud cleaner to be delivered

Double decked shale shaker and mud cleaner are fabricated from Hunter-MG4 shaker. Hunter-MG4 is fitted with 4 panels of screen on one single deck. While the double decked shaker is fitted with 8 panels of screen on 2 decks. Each deck is fit with 4 panels screen.

The overall screen area is up to 5.46㎡. While the mud cleaner with single deck bottom shaker will combine the hydrocyclone and pipelines. The general design and technical specifications are same as common mud cleaner
Double decked shale shaker
What is the detail specs of shale shaker and the mud cleaner?
The shale shakers are Hunter-MG series. They are all linear motion and with adjustable deck. The control panel/cabinets are magnetic starter. It's very easy to operate and maintain. The screens sized 23x45.8x1.65'' and installed by the wedge block pressing 2 sides.

The mud cleaner is fit with two desander cones sized 10'' and twelve desilter cones sized 4''. The bottom shaker is Hunter-MG4. Two motors and each motor is 2.5HP. The hydrocyclone assembly and pipe parts are easily to fit and remove on the bottom shaker. So, when client requests a larger flow rate for other system the mud cleaner can be used as shale shaker, too
Mud cleaner to deliver

Please find some pictures for your reference. Such double decked shakers and mud cleaner are very popular with our clients. They operate the shakers with high satisfaction and recommend us to others clients. Thanks to clients' appreciation and trust we always keep moving and insist on the quality and performance

The double decked shale shaker and cleaner are highly popular with users because of the high quality and true cost effectiveness. Do you have demand or any question on such equipment? Please feel free to contact AIPU Solids get your optimal solutions at once.