Congratulations to AIPU for the new order on ZJ40 rig mud system

Mud system for ZJ40 drilling rig is for our regular client. It is a tender we just won last week. And now the whole system is under manufacture. It's really a good news to celebrate. Besides this system, there is another system to process the oil sludge and a portable unit for a university to study a new project and experiment.

For the ZJ40 rig solids control system, why it's a celebration for us? It's a public tender and attracting many bidders there. Among so many suppliers AIPU won the bid because of the high cost effectiveness. Our price is not the lowest one but at the higher level. Clients selected us since our proposal and technical support meet their requirements.
Mud system for ZJ40 Rig

The configuration of this system including 6 mud tanks, 2 sets of linear motion Hunter-MG4 shale shaker, Hunter-240 mud cleaner, the APSB8X6 pumps, the jet mud mixer driven by 75HP motor and APMH700 Venturi hopper, as well as the mud agitators APMA7.5. All the mud agitators are horizontal type and the helical bevel geared pattern.

For the tanks, there are shaker tank, intermediate tank, reserve tank, mixing tank and the water tank. For each tank, there are many ports set there for convenient mud transfer among tanks. On each inlet and discharge port there is welded the union for pipe connection convenience.
Solids control shale shaker

The technical agreement was achieved in 2 weeks. During our correspondence we confirmed all the details on further  design and fabrication and then participated the tender. It's great we got the order by winning bid

The whole system will be finished in about 40 days. Later, we'll share some pictures with you. Are you in the demand of mud system or any single equipment for solids control? Please feel free to contact us.