Complete solids control system for ZJ90 oil rig under fabrication

Complete solids control system for ZJ90DB oil rig has been arranged from June.9. There are all main equipment for whole drilling fluids cleaning system. Including the 4 sets linear motion shale shaker and the mud cleaner assembly. All the vacuum degasser APZCQ360, mud agitator APMA11, centrifugal pumps, jet mud mixer, APNJQ80-3 mud guns, electrical control system, the dog room, the mud tanks, cuttings concentration tank, the water tanks, the fuel tank, the self-suction oil tank, and so on

Against client's confirmation and approval on technical agreement and the drawings we urge the manufacture to cater for client's urgency. They request the system delivered to be operated in August. That means we have to finish the system.
Mud tanks for ZJ90 DB rig solids control system
Now all the tanks detail drawing have been reflected to raw material and the semi-finished items. Such as the top frame, the base supporting frame, the corrugated tank profile. Before tanks welded, all the raw material had been sand-blasted. Based on all AIPU people's efforts and full support the majority of tank fabrication will be finished within coming 25 days.

Meanwhile, all equipment are manufactured at the same time and finished in coming 20 days. So that we can arrange all pipelines and commissioning in time.

In such a tight time frame, how can we control the quality well and ensure client high quality product? From the very beginning on the whole proposal. Based on the working condition and client's preference to propose the optimal functional system. Then the raw material, we purchase the high quality national standard carbon steel from national steel company.
Tanks main structure

All the standard components including motors, gear boxes, the vibration motor, the control panels, and so on. About the inspection, the materials and components will be all inspected strictly according to national and clients' standard. During manufacture, the QC person will check and review all the items fabricated or finished. Before delivery, the whole system including tanks and equipment will be run as test.

Furthermore, client will dispatch their QC people to supervise and inspect all items.

Do you need more detail about the ZJ90DB rig mud system? Please feel free to contact us. You will get all information you need.