Vertical drilling mud agitators ready to deliver

Vertical drilling mud agitators for our regular clients are ready to deliver. They have purchased such agitator times. This is the exact feedback on AIPU product quality and service

The customization specifications including extra long shaft and the large impeller paddle. Furthermore, the impeller and shaft are made of high quality S.S304L. The reduce ratio of gearbox is 87:1 and the final agitator speed is 17RPM. Such design focused on power-saving and reliable performance.
Vertical drilling mud agitators

Another customer built factor is the colour. Our common color is the cyan, but this lot of agitators are in bright green. This is requested by clients for their all new project colour requirements. Kindly find some pictures for your reference. If you have other requirements on any components or the color we can also meet them

This regular client is a large enterprise employed over a thousand staffs. Every time before ordering they compare many issues of different suppliers and manufacturers. Finally they select us every time. It's not because of our low price.Our price is even at the higher level. However, they select us since they have cooperated with us many times and found the true quality and the cost-effectiveness
AIPU Mud agitators

From the design assistance to the material and package, they feel very satisfied and relaxed cooperating with us.

We sincerely appreciate our clients trust and support so long time. Trust we'll move on better and faster under the strong support from all of you. Thanks to AIPU people efforts, too. We always transfer the ideal solutions in time and help clients to save cost on both time and money.

Please feel free to contact AIPU Solids control for any question or interest.