Drilling fluids solids control system delivery for Hydraulic drilling rig

Drilling fluids solids control system for oil rig was just delivered yesterday. It's a complete mud system from the shale shaker to the mixing pump. Including desander, desilter, pumps, agitators, tanks, and so on. Where do clients use the system? It's for the geological survey. 

General information of the system

This system was finished in 40 days against customer's payment. The main equipment including Hunter-MG4 shale shaker with linear motion, the desander APCS240, and APCN240 desilter. The feeding pump for both hydrocyclone separators, the mixing hopper hopper.
Drilling fluids solids control system

System is configured with 3 mud tanks. On mud tanks there are also Vacuum Degasser and the mud agitators, mud guns. Clients use this system to process drilling fluids at their rig platform drilling about 3000m bore hole. Our user has come here for inspection and FAT last week. They are very happy with the system quality, lead time, and our service.

Features of delivered fluids process system

It's rather effective and powerful. 3 sets of mud tank provide enough mud storage volume and space for equipment layout. Standard equipment with flexible configuration in whole system. Such as Hunter-MG4 shaker, it's a rather mature equipment and provide excellent performance. We have got many good feedback from our clients so long time. The APCS and APCN series hydrocyclone separator are the necessary equipment to process finer cuttings after shaker handling

And the function of the system is integrative. From the coarse solids to drilling mud mixing, also the degassing phase. Furthermore, the proposal is rather economical and cost-effective.

How to order same solids control system for your fluids process?

Please tell us your requirements on solids control system capacity. Do you have any special requirements on space or layout limit? The flow rate, the effect you need? Or the drilling rig size or the model number?

Any of solids control system or the drilling fluids system produced by AIPU Solids is the optimal one for clients. It is configured and manufactured based on actual working condition and clients' requirement. So, please trust AIPU will give you the ideal proposal always. No matter at the pre-sales stage or the after sales service you will feel our professional capability.

No matter you have demand or question on drilling fluids process, just call us freely. Then you'll get the ideal solution.