Oil sludge treatment system delivery last weekend

Oil sludge treatment system delivery is for a new client, whom was introduced by our regular client purchased system to process oil sludge discharged from refinery facility.

This system including the primary or scalper shaker to process the coarse solids. Including the containerized decanter centrifuges, the pill/chemicals tank, the agitator, the heating unit, and so on
Oil sludge treatment primary scalping shaker

The oily sludge treatment unit is for a national owned company specialized in environment conservation for many industries. However, for oil sludge treatment is their new business and their core business in the future. As we all know the oil sludge treatment material is from many different industries and sections, including but not limited to petroleum exploration, fuel refinery, the transportation, the use, and so on. No matter which type of oily sludge will lead bad impact on environment. Such as water system, soil condition, etcetera.

AIPU Solids control innovated economical and effective system to process the oily waste material coming from different sections. Our users are all happy with our product quality and services. We design and make system according to certain client's demand. For this system there are common scalping shale shaker, the rotary drum shaker screen, the heating unit, the containerized centrifuge unit, the oil-water separation unit, the 2 chemical or pill feeding units.
Oil sludge treatment system delivery

System will be operated in about 2 weeks. AIPU people will go to the job site for commissioning and test, also the training on clients' staffs. Our customer came here for FAT and appreciated "AIPU products do not only save cost, but also create profit"

Sincerely appreciate client's trust and appreciation. We'll keep moving on. Do you have any interest or similar demand on the oil sludge treatment? Kindly call us freely. You'll get the free quote very soon. But please do give us as more detail as your can. Such as the material viscosity, the temperature, the gravity or density, the content, the result you need. Including water content you request on the discharge, and the oil content on the solid discharge, and so on.