Shale shaker screens delivery to oil drilling contractor

Shale shaker screens are hot sales product of AIPU Solids control. We just delivered over one thousand panels of screen to drilling contractor and services company. There are replacement for MongooseTM, King CobraTM, VSM300TM as well as the HYPTM screens.

The mesh sizes are ranged from API 30 to API 270. Large quantity screens are MongooseTM and HYPTM type. All the screens are repeat orders placed by our regular clients. They are from different countries and operating different business. However, the end user are petroleum exploration companies. Popularity of screens reflect the popularity of shale shakers, and the tendency of shaker generation or design.

According to last months orders we found more and more users order the replacement HYPTM screen and VSMTM screen. Yes, present conventional shale shakers are replaced by the integrative, multi-deck, and large capacity shakers. No matter what type shaker is the screens installation and operation is more and more convenient & easy. And the shaker performance is more effective.

All screens delivered are packed in plywood cases and covered by plastic film for good protection and easy handling to prevent any damage or soaking during transportation. 

Most clients concern much on screen usable life. It's a result from many different issues or factors. Such as the drilling condition, drilling mud and cuttings property, shaker condition and operator ability, screen panel itself quality, and so on

We kindly suggest give us more reference on objective condition or information. Then we'll give you more advice on screen selection and make screen as proper as possible for your working condition.

Are you being in the demand of screen panels now? Or you have any interest? Please feel free to contact us anytime, you'll get free offer ASAP

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