Hunter-MG3 shaker are ready to deliver to UAE

Hunter-MG3 shaker is the linear motion shaker of Hunter-MG series shale shaker. The typical specification is the screen panel size and installation way.

Main features and advantage of Hunter-MG3 shale shaker including followings:
1. Linear motion holding large capacity
2. High vibration strength/G force value
3. Powerful output of motor up to 1.72kw
4. Angle adjustment can be achieved during running very convenient
5. Easy shaker screen installation and replace
6. Lower decibel during operation
7. Flexible option on screen frame configuration
8. Less cost and consumption of whole equipment
9. True cost-effective solutions
Hunter-MG3 shaker

Benefits of Hunter-MG3 shakers
1. Save time and enhance general efficiency
2. Larger amplitude leads better cuttings separation or remove
3. Sufficient power ensures good performance
4. User-friendly design saves time and energy cost
5. One person can handle screen installation easily
6. Environmental-protection and protect operators better
7. Get optimal and reasonable solutions as per certain working condition
8. Saving money and getting more profits for whole drilling project
Along with this shale shaker, we delivered spare shaker screens together. All screens are composite framed one with orange surface. Shaker has been inspected and tested well in last 2 days. From the vibration strength to the operating decibel. From the surface painting film thickness to the vibration mode. 

Our client is very happy with our lead time and complete services. We are talking about another order on the solids control system for work over rig now. Hopefully we'll get the order before October.

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