New type double decked shale shakers are ready for SINOPEC

Double decked shale shakers of AIPU solids control are popular with clients. We know double decked shale shakers usually have two decks holding different mesh screens on single deck. The upper deck is configured with coarse mesh screen, while the lower deck is fit with finer screen panels.

What is benefit of double or multiple decked shaker?

If all decks are fit with same quantity screen, the whole shaker holds twice of screen area than single deck shaker.
If upper deck holds less or smaller screen area than lower deck screen, anyway, it holds larger screen area than single deck

Another important benefit is large solids or cuttings can be separated out of drilling fluids quickly and prevent the finer screen premature wear.
AIPU Hunter-MG8 shale shaker
As we know, large solids and cuttings are more abrasive sand or shale. Coarse screen is made from thick wire, that makes screen strong and durable enough.

Features of shale shaker ready to deliver

The shale shakers are made for SINOPEC. Operators find the screens of their present shaker wear quickly and too many. After investigating the working condition and all information of drilling site we found the problem is the drilled cuttings size is large, sharp and abrasive

Linear motion holding sufficient power and efficiency to handle large area screens and heavy shaker assembly. Compact compared to the dual tandem or two sets of separated shaker. There is splash-prevent guard made of high quality S.S and completely with the handle.

At the discharge end, there is the guide curtain made of high quality HNBR helps to lead solids and cuttings to certain proper places

Now, the ready double decked shale shakers are fit with 8 panels of screen in total. Upper deck is installed with 3 panels screen in lengthways, while the down deck is fit with 5 panels in the crosswise.
Double decked shale shaker HUNTER-MG8

All screens are same dimension and framed leads more convenience when replace and install screen panel. Another good feature is powerful vibration motor. That will give more possibility of larger flow rate and higher efficiency.

How to get double decked shaker?

Please contact us with detail information of your drilling condition, the site condition, mud flow requirements. Any special requirements on motors, control panel, or other specifications

How many sets do you need? When will you need them? Confirming us as more details as your can. Then we'll propose shakers accordingly and quote to you. Against our mutual agreement you'll get the ideal shaker for your own.

Contact us freely now!