Repeat order on APLCQ300 centrifugal degassers

Centrifugal degassers we are talking about is another vacuum degasser used in drilling mud system. It's vertical type and high efficiency device. Compact design and powerful to handle drilling fluids mixed with small quantity gas. It's more and more popular with clients.

APLCQ300 holding capacity up to 300m³/h (1320GPM), while compared to common horizontal vacuum degasser APZCQ it occupies less space. This client has purchased 2 separated centrifugal degasser earlier days. This is their repeat order. They placed order again since the end user sent good feedback.
Centrifugal degassers
The main information of APLCQ300 is as below
Flow rate: 300m³/h (1320GPM)
Power: Main motor: 22kW + Fan motor: 1.1kW
Liquid inlet: Dia. 20" (Bottom and immersed)
Liquid discharge Dia.: 6"
Gas discharge Dia.: 2"
Gas removed: 30m³/h (Max.)
Weight: About 1400kg
Dimension: 1150x1054x3110mm

Regards to clients' special requirements we provide below customization services
1. Electrical input system. Such as 220V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz, 400V/50Hz, 440V/60Hz, etc.
2. Special certification on electrical components: Such as IEC Ex, ATEX, etc.
3. Surface colour. Such as blue, indigo, cyan, orange, and so on
4. Other special request.
APLCQ Vacuum degasser

Please feel free to contact AIPU Solids control if you have any interest or similar demand. Pictures here are for your reference.