Dual tandem linear motion shale shaker delivery

Dual tandem shaker is popular with clients since the compact design and large general treating capacity. This set of shale shaker is linear motion type. For this client, we have delivered 5 sets of dual tandem shaker or to his friends. They all told the shakers perform well.
Dual tandem shaker

Previous order of dual tandem shaker are double decked and linear motion, this time, considering the drilling condition is different with previous ones, they ordered single deck dual tandem linear motion shale shaker. Although we have cooperated times, this client inquired other suppliers, too. Our price is a bit higher, but they still selected us since they trust our shakers quality and performance.

During our cooperation, we always give them timely response and professional solutions. They have saved time and cost compared with proposal from other suppliers.
Linear motion shaker
The dual tandem shale shaker to be delivered is based on Hunter-MG4 shaker. It's a high efficiency linear motion shaker. And considering practical operation convenience, the control panels are fit at 2 sides of whole shaker to provide easy path when maintenance or repair and necessary operation requested

Now, we are making other sets of dual tandem shaker for other clients. If you have interest or any similar demand please feel free to contact us. For any other solids control request just contact us freely, too. Please trust you will get great solutions at a very reasonable cost.