Two thousand five hundred panels of shaker screen delivery

Shaker screen is always a hot sales product at AIPU Solids Control. It is the main wearing part in the whole well drilling mud system, even for a whole well drilling project.

This regular client ordered over 2500 panels of screen for many different model of shale shaker. Such as for Derrick shaker, for KPT series shaker, for the VSM shale shaker. Yes, they are not only a drilling contractor but also a service provider including supplying necessary equipment and parts to oil and drilling companies.
Shaker screen

Mesh sizes vary from API 40 to API 325. Based on different model of screens or shakers. The major mesh sizes are API 80 to API 270. Among this lot of screens, there are steel framed and composite framed panels, there are flat panels and corrugated panels.

Aipu promise all clients, the screens are right fit ones. We provide the replacement but not original one. However, they are made of high quality raw material by professional means and procedures. All users are happy with our screen panels performance and use life. Especially, they are the real cost-effective items. They are the best reasonable products. Our panels are priced from USD69 to USD130 per panel. The price varies according to actual size and your preference or any special requirements
screens delivery
Are you interested in it, too? Please feel free to contact us. You will definitely get the right and optimal proposal. Kindly find some pictures for your reference. We promise you will find out the difference between Aipu screens and others' ones
Corrugated shaker screen