ZJ30 rig drilling mud solids control system to be delivered

Drilling mud solids control system is the whole unit processing drilling fluids during well drilling. This mud system is for ZJ30 oil rig. It completely including 5 phase cleaning equipment from shale shaker to decanter centrifuge. Details is as below.

Shale shaker is Hunter-MG4 holding capacity as 660GPM. The vacuum degasser is APZCQ270, standard design. Economical and compact solutions. Mud cleaner is Hunter-200 for sufficient and assured performance & result. The centrifuge is APLW series fixed speed.
The auxiliary equipment including centrifugal pumps, agitators, hoppers, and so on. For pumps feeding the mud cleaner cones and hopper, are high-end horizontal pump with mechanical seal and excellent performance. The mud agitators are standard horizontal type, while mixing hopper is the Venturi type for better effect during mixing or compounding.

Now, the whole drilling fluids system has been finished. Clients are at factory inspecting it. Hopefully it will be delivered within 1 week. This will save time and cost considering special occasion in China now.

Are you interested in this system or other products? Please feel free to contact us. Now it's closed to Spring Festival, earlier inquiry and earlier confirmation will do lead a better delivery.