Ten set of shale shakers to deliver for regular clients

Shale shakers are hot sales products at Aipu solids control. As an important equipment for whole solids control system, Aipu solves the essential problem of shaker performance during drilling fluids process so we get continuous appreciation from regular client by placing repeat orders to us.

Hunter-MG series shaker

There are different configurations, such as Hunter-MG4, Hunter-MG5, Hunter-MG8, etc. The number means the shaker screen quantity on each set of shaker. Hunter-MG5 and Hunter-MG8 are both double deck shaker. Difference between them is deck configuration.
Hunter-MG series shaker

Hunter-MG5 holds the 5th panel screen at a lower level on discharge end of deck. There is superposition between the 4th and 5th panel screen count from feeding end. Furthermore, Hunter-MG8 is the upgraded one. There are 3 panels of screen on upper deck hold different size of lower deck screen. But the overall screen area is over 5.8㎡.

What shakers are to deliver?

There are Hunter-MG8 shaker, Hunter-MG4 shaker. This two model of shaker are very popular with our clients since the large treating capacity and the true cost-effectiveness. The laser cut shaker profile, deck, base. The heat treatment to shaker. The famous reputed brand vibration motor and control panel. Durable composite frame screen tested under API RP13C. Convenient screen installation and remove. Easy deck angle adjustment during shaker running. Smooth angle design on shaker basket edge for user-friendly result. Lower operation and maintenance cost.

A part of these shakers are with splash guard. It's an optional design. This is based on clients' preference and actual working condition. And it's price different with shakers without guard.

We'll deliver 10 sets of shale shaker together under this repeat order. Hopefully, user will receive it within 10 days. By then we'll share some photo and video with you.

Please tell us do you have any demand on shale shaker? Or do you need other equipment? Contact us freely!